How To Fix Worms 2 CD Audio Errors

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
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  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect
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    In this user guide, we describe some of the possible causes that might cause the Worms 2 CD audio error and then provide possible solutions that you can try to solve the problem.

    worms 2 cd audio error

    Installation problems:
    Are you getting a specific 16-bit subsystem error or video hint error and are using XP?
    Download it directly from and run it once, it might solve the problem.

    Problems launching interface:
    Are you getting the error “CD ERROR: NO AUDIO”?
    Make sure you install your game by inserting someone else’s CD into any of your CD drives (if you have E: and D: install and run the site from D: drive)
    If you’re trying to run the game from the ISO, go to Control Panel, Official Tools, Manage.On your computer, right-click “disk management” and make sure the corresponding letter corresponds to your lowest virtual drive, if not, do so. right clicking on it -> change the path of the letter.

    GUI Issues:
    Your teams are usually never there, instead you have random teams that you never created?
    I’ve had this problem a few times and I’m pretty sure it was because I was using a shortcut to launch the game, I would say.

    When you join the game, is the facade still closed?
    Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX from (currently 9.0c)
    If for any reason you need to upgrade, see
    for all DirectX 9 fixes.
    You will never be able to connect games, i.e. people who will hook you up?
    First, make sure your Windows XP policy is disabled (or properly configured to not block frontend.exe or worms2.exe)
    If you are using a hub, I recommendI would like to read how you can use a patch router at It ended up working for everyone.

    Start game:
    Are you getting a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error?
    Fix the library, take a look at your frontend.exe, check its properties, see how the version tab should really say either or, so if it doesn’t, fix it outside of http://w2.
    If the version is correct, make sure you run the header as root (no shortcuts) and run frontend.exe but not worms2.exe.

    I’ll add more when I can come up with each one, but that’s the hardest part. get people. Hope this helps too.

    worms 2 cd audio error

    – Are you getting the error “CD ERROR: NO AUDIO”?
    Make sure you install the game from the CD you see in the bottom CD drive (if you have E: and D: install and run from E:)

    In fact, this is usually the drive to which you have attached the sound certificate. For me it will most likely be D:, not E: he has a sound card. Actually, IIRC, I officially read somewhere (I think it’s actually a readme) that most computer sound cards hang on disk first!

    Also, I didn’t get any error messages, almost no music was playing.

    This is actually the drive where you connected the Look card. To me this method is actually D: and not E: which is what the sound card uses. In fact, IIRC, I officially read somewhere (I think it’s a readme) that most computer sound cards are about to connect to the first drive!

    Also, I didn’t get any error message, only music.

    lol looks like you’re talking about a completely different error.

    How do I install Worms 2 on Windows XP?

    Rename win32.dll from Worms 2 installation folder, e.g. win32.bak.dll 2. Rename winmm.dll from the purchased zip file to win32.dll. 3. Place the patched win32.dll in the Worms 2 installation folder. 4. Right-click frontend.exe, select Properties, Compatibility, then set the game to run with Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility.

    if anyone has E: and D: install and boot from E:
    D: is at the bottom like E:

    D: lower than E:lower alphabet? An era or two before the start of the school year…

    And as for – you’re an old man – come on – now you know these things better! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The letters ABCDE in this particular case look like 12345!
    and 4<5!
    so… the letters d

    Does Worms 2 Plus run well on Windows 10?

    You cannot query this user because you have deactivated it. Worms 2 Plus installed not only a day ago, but two days ago, the game finally runs normally on my Windows 10. It has only 1 or 4 small rough edges, but the device itself is stable and does not want to slow down.

    ABCDE in this case is like 12345!
    and 4<5!
    so…YLook at your post – “ABCDE should look like 12345”: the letters LIKE numbers, but they are not REALE numbers. In any case, 4 comes before 5 because you go ahead and D comes before E. Unless you read the alphabet counterclockwise.

    I’m not wrong. end of conversation. Now let’s move on to the W2 rear mount…

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Run a scan to find and fix errors
  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • See the message – “ABCDEs look like the letters 12345”: these are SIMILAR numbers, but they are NOT REAL numbers. Either way, 4 will come before 5 because the number you’re sending, and D will come before E. Unless you’re reading the alphabet backwards.

    I’m fine, end of conversation. Now about W2 recovery support…
    you rely on one thing and not another!
    so d is less than e, since 4 can be less than 5!

    Why are you looking at the burning drive a: at the top of the Windows window?
    How do you and your family think column A is listed on the left (first) in Going Beyond, followed by column AA after 26 columns?
    In hexadecimal, why would a person think their letters A, B, C, D, E, and F are used after parts 1 to 9?
    why, oh why?

    D: below instead of E:!

    Why does my game crash or freeze when playing Worms Armageddon?

    Usually, if your corporate sounds are distorted or clipped, or if you experience random crashes or pauses while playing, it’s probably due to the GX mode in ASUS Xonar audio account drivers. If you are using an excellent ASUS Xonar sound card, open the ASUS control panel, find and disable GX mode globally, i.e. specific to Worms Armageddon.

    There are 2 definitions of inferiority:
    Below, if locatedPrices in the ideal list:
    A (high)
    B (middle)
    C (low)

    And down alphabetically:

    A (low)
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    The problem is that you can mix up the entries in the marketing and other mailing lists, and what’s more, this list will become longer!

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