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If you’re getting a duplicate Windows system error name in an error message, today’s guide is here to help.

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    Windows clients show “A replicated name exists on the network” after finding two devices with the same network name. This error can potentially be caused in several ways: Two Windows computers use the same startup name. The Windows server on the network is configured with double different network names.

    I am

    How do I find duplicate network names?

    Use nbtstat -n in this command window to see which company name is in conflict. (eventvwr: It’s possible that another machine sent a release message to this machine because a duplicate name was recently discovered on the TCP network. The IP address of the host to which the message was sent can be found in its own data.

    previously wrote an article about what usually happens when you have to manage two computers with the same IP address on the same network: IP address conflict. However, what happens when the owners have two computers with a real name on the network?

    If you’re running newer versions of Windows, such as Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 1, everything works fine. The problem will only occur on older versions of Windows such as Windows XP, 2000, Windows 98, etc. that use NETBIOS and WINS.

    Next time you might get a message like this:

    Duplicate configuration exists on the network

    At first one might think that the obvious answer is to simply rename one of our computers, right? Well, you can get this error even if no computer on the network sees the same name!

    The problem may be caused by an old network card thatWhich is probably no longer installed on the system. Here are a few approaches you can try before renaming computers.

    Specific Method – IPCONFIG

    First, just release and restore the IP address to fix the problem. Go to Start, Run and type CMD. Continue at the command line, then type


    If the error persists, let us help you with the following possible solutions.

    Method Only: Remove Hidden Network Adapters

    How do you fix a duplicate name exists on the network?

    You can rename the computer system by right-clicking the My Computer icon.PC on your desktop by selecting Properties and then clicking the Computer Name tab. Click on the “Edit” button, but also enter a new name because of the computer. Restart your computer or the issue should be resolved.

    Go to the actual run, run and enter DEVMGMT.MSC in the field. Now in Device Manager, click View and select Show Hidden Devices.

    Now scroll down to network adapters and remove the ones that show up with transparent icons. If nothing is greyed out, your own problem is not related to the powerful old adapter network.

    Method 3 – Rename The Computer

    If none of these two steps work, you may just need to rename your computer. This mayOccur for one of two other reasons:

    1. You actually have two computers on the network with the same NETBIOS name.
    2. One of the computers has our own name as the workgroup name

    windows system error duplicate name exists on the

    You can open Start, Run, type CMD, then type nbtstat anywhere on the command line, and families will be shown the conflicting workstation, if there is one.

    Be sure to check our own network connection which you currently use frequently, eg. LAN connection or wireless network connection.

    You can rename your computer by right-clicking the My Computer icon in Computer Help, selecting Properties, and then clicking the Computer Name tab.


    Click the Edit button and enter the new computer information. Restart your internet connection and the issue should be resolved. If you still have problems leave a comment here and I will try to help! Good luck!

    How do I find duplicate names in TCP?

    If the IP contract contains all zeros, ask the client to find out if there are usually Windows for Workgroup computers on the network with the same name or company name.The usernames are stored in <03h> and this becomes a naming conflict.Check the database frequently to make sure there are complete duplicate records.

    If you regularly use previous versions of Windows, including XP, Windows Windows 98, or occasionally Windows 2000, I’m sure you’ve noticed this error. Well, today we are going to give your company a brief explanation about all these errors, what is ultimately causing this error and how to change the Windows network update duplicate name error. So that errors in this future do not waste your time and leave arithmetic to listeners without a headache. Continue if you are trying to connect your device system to another computer product or server through a network share. You see an error When which indicates.

    However, as I mentioned earlier, Windows assemblies are created using NetBios and the Windows Internet Naming Service. Both of these services have a known database for storing network names and the reason is that this information creates confusion meant for the system and eventually Windows gives this error “Windows Duplicate name exists on the network”. And more or less all comparable NetBIOS enabled devices throw this error.

    Similar to error There is a duplicate name on the Windows network Problem:

    This error is definedDivided can be caused by several errors, and we are faced with all the possible causes of this error. There is a duplicate on the web. These reasons will most likely help you find the right way to fix these bugs and help the fandom.

    1. NetBIOS WINS and is used by earlier versions of Windows since XP, 2000 AND 98.
    2. Two related brands share the same name.
    3. The network server that regulates your activity has two different network names.
    4. Your wireless broadband router will always have the same name when opening a workgroup.
    5. You are using old hardware, possibly a network card.

    How To Fix And Resolve Duplicate Names In All Network Errors

    We’ve put together enthusiastic methods to help you completely get rid of the “Duplicate Name Existence Error” idea in Windows Networking. Follow both steps correctly, and if you run into problems, you can try the other suggested methods.

    1. Internet Protocol Update –

    windows system error duplicate name exists on the

    In each first method, we will try to fix this new network thatoops you are not connected because there is a duplicate name on the network just by updating the IP address of our computer system. Using the Windows command line, we can enter commands like this.

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  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

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