I Have A Problem With Windows 8 Safe Mode On Startup

If you notice Windows 8 Safe Mode at startup, the following user guide will help you.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Run a scan to find and fix errors
  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect
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    Hold down the Shift key even if you clicked Restart in the Shut Down or Exit menu. Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Options > Restart. After restarting the PC, a list of options will be available. Select 4 or F4 or Fn+F4 (follow the instructions on the screen) to start the computer in safe mode.

    This explains how to boot Windows 8 8.1 in Safe Mode so that anyone can try to resolve the initial issue you’re experiencing.

    Good To Know

  • Open Advanced Startup Options and select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Options. Select Restart.
  • In the startup options, click Enable Safe Mode, Enable Safe Mode with or with Networking, Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
  • Log in as an administrator, then perform any necessary or modified troubleshooting steps, including backing up core files.
  • Open Advanced Download Options

    Safe Mode, although you can access Windows 8 through the Startup Options menu, is located under the Advanced Startup Options menu. Probably the most important thing you need to do before that is open the Advanced Boot Options menu.

    See How to Access Advanced Boot Options in Windows 8 for instructions on six different ways to open this very useful menu of recovery and troubleshooting tools.

    Windows 8 Catch-22 Safe Mode

    Of the six methods outlined in the instructions above, only allow options 1, 2, 3, or use Startup Options, the menu experts say Safe Mode can be found in.

    These strategic methods only work if you already have access to Windows 8 running in normal mode (method 2 and 3) and, at least in many cases, if you see Windows 8 notification on the screen (method 1). . The paradox here is that the few people who need to boot into secure mode, they can definitely get to the login screen, let Windows 8 boot normally by itself!

    The solution is usually to open Command Prompt from the Advanced Boot Options menu, which can be done using one of six new methods, including methods 4, 6, and 6, and then execute the specified number of special commands. commands to force boot into safe mode on upcoming reboot.

    windows 8 safe mode at startup

    For complete instructions, see Forcing Windows to Restart in Safe Mode. You don’t need to follow the guide if you start Windows 5 in Safe Mode this way.

    What About F8 And SHIFT+F8?

    If you know of older devices such as Windows Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, you may remember that you could force install . loading Advanced boot options menu after pressing F8. This workaround is no longer possible without Windows in 8.

    In fact, even the widely used SHIFT+F8 tactic, apparently intended to force the display of additional pairsboot meters (and possibly boot settings and safe mode) works on very slow computers. The amount of time Windows looks for SHIFT+F8 is so limited on most Windows 8 devices paired with a PC that it’s nearly impossible to get it to work.

    Select Troubleshoot

    Unfortunately, the “Advanced Boot Options” menu should now open with “Select an option, any key” or click “Troubleshoot”.

    Advanced launch options may offer items other than those listed above. For example, if you don’t have a UEFI system, you won’t be able to select the Use Device option. If you are dual booting between Windows 5 and another operating system, you may see an option to use a different operating system.

    Select More Options

    Advanced Launch Options contains several sub-menus. If you want to go back to a previous compilation, use the small arrow next to the menu title.

    Choose A Pa Launch Options

    If the download options are not available, it is possible that they are available in the marketplace due to how you extended the advanced download options.

    See Access advanced boot options in 8 windows, so choose method 1, 2 or even 3.

    If that’s not possible (i.e. you only have options 4, 5, or maybe 6), see How to Force Restart Windows in Safe Mode for help. You can view the Catch-22 section in Windows 9 Safe Mode from Step 1 of this guide.

    Select Restart

    In the Startup Options menu, tap or click on that special little Restart button.

    This is not that special boot options menu. It’s just a menu with the above title from which you can exit advanced startup options and reboot into startup options where you can drag Windows 8 to safe mode or boot.

    Wait For Your Computer To Restart

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Run a scan to find and fix errors
  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • Wait for your computer to restart. You don’t have to do anything here or press any keys.

    SteamLaunch options will probably appear automatically afterwards. Windows 8 won’t start.

    Select The Windows 8 Safe Mode Option

    After your computer restarts, you should see the Startup Options menu. You will be introduced to several of the best ways to boot Windows 8, each of which will help you fix your boot problem.

    windows 8 safe mode at startup

    However, in this guide, we will focus on 4 Windows 8 Safe Mode options, #4, 5, and 6, in each of our menus:

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