What Do Custom Error Descriptions Return And How Do I Fix Them?

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    You may encounter an error code indicating that custom error descriptions are being returned. There are several ways to solve this problem, which we will talk about shortly.

    Create global or application-level exception handlers and custom return error messages in the Spring REST API.


    Effective and effective communication is essential to achieve a beautiful healthy relationship. Interestingly, this applies to all client-server relationships. The request client may succeed or fail on the server. However, for any result, the computer must provide the most appropriate condition code.

    While sending the correct duration code is sufficient for the client to perform the correct action based on the result of the request, when it comes to errors, the client may need much more detail about what went wrong. For example, information about the error, such as the type associated with the exception and the error message, can help the client log the displayed error or provide its clients with an appropriate error message.

    In this short article, you will learn how to handle various errors and return any custom message error from the Spring REST API. If you don’t know how exceptions are handled in the Spring REST API, see Handling Spring Rest Service Exceptions.

    Returns A Specific Generic Error Message With @ResponseStatus

    Almost the only way to return a conceptual error from the REST API is to use the @ResponseStatus annotation. In doing so, we can add failure principles in the “Reason” field of the annotation. While we can only return a single error that is not related to the brand we are reporting, we can return different error messages for different conditions.

    The example, along with @controlleradvice @ResponseStatus annotations, then returns error messages related to exceptions.

    @ControllerAdvicepublic classes ApplicationExceptionHandler @ResponseStatus( Profit = HttpStatus.NOT_FOUND, Reason = "The requested student was not found") @ExceptionHandler(StudentNotFoundException.class) public space handleException (StudentNotFoundException e) @ResponseStatus( Value = HttpStatus.BAD_REQUEST, base="Invalid input parameters received") @ExceptionHandler(InputValidationException.class) User void handleException(InputValidationException e) @ResponseStatus( evaluate = HttpStatus.GATEWAY_TIMEOUT, Reason = "Upstream service not responding, please try again") @ExceptionHandler(ServiceUnavailableException.class) underlying invalid exception handler (ServiceUnavailableException e)

    Code language: Java (java)

    The handler exception class has 3 different handlers, and each handler echoes a specific state of the HTTP response. Each of the response statuses indicates that you are simply justifying the field with a specific experience error.

    returning custom error descriptons

    To display all error messages in the response, ensure that message inclusion is enabled in all server configurations. For more information about Spring Server boot configurations, see Configuring Spring Boot Embedded Tomcat.

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  • Server: Errors: Enable message: always

    Code language: YAML (yaml)

    Next is a great example of a response object that returns our own REST API. Note that the new response object specifies some sort of error message.

    "Timestamp": "", "Status": 404, "Error not foundon the", "message": "The requested student was not found", "path": "/students/Jack"

    Code language: JSON / JSON for comments (json)

    As mentioned earlier, although experts can provide a test error message for a particular exception, it is still not informative. Therefore, in the following sections, we have the opportunity to learn how to return a very specific error message from the Spring REST API.Error

    Return A Message With A Custom Error Object

    First, create a style to display the error message and status code. For related errors, the Error class is returned by controllers or, alternatively, by exception handlers.

    Next comes the class error, which represents the status access code and a string message. Note that we often use Lombok annotations, which introduce the usual getters and then setters, and a constructor that uses the last fields.

    @[email protected] course error independent final HttpStatus; httpstatus own summarye string message;

    Code language: Java (java)

    Now that we’ve created each error model, we’ll use it to return detailed error scores from the controller’s recommendations.

    @ExceptionHandler(StudentNotFoundException.class)public ResponseEntity handleException(StudentNotFoundException e) error error = new error(HttpStatus.NOT_FOUND, e.getLocalizedMessage()); Returns a new ResponseEntity<>(error, error.getHttpStatus());

    Code language: Java (java)

    The owner of the exception returns an instance error module containing a difference message and an HTTP status code.

    returning custom error descriptons

    Now I can throw our Found not Exception with a custom error message.

    throw new exception StudentNotFoundException("Student service error, studentId: Inch + studentId);

    Code language : Java

    If the REST API doesn’t see the requested resource, we return detailed error information in the response.

    "httpStatus": "NOT FOUND", "message": "Student Services Error, : studentId Jack"

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