Tips For Fixing Oidentd No-user Error

Over the past few days, several users have reported to us that they have encountered an oidentd “no-user” error.

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    Bodhisatt a

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    Posted: Friday, October 10, 2003 3:54 pm Post subject: oidentd error, no user – are you sure the network settings are correct?

    In short, this is the network:

    Adsl switch (Thomson/Alcatel 510) (
    connects to my server which has NICs, on request, one (or three actually, but really unused eth0):

    eth1: net address: broadcast: mask:

    eth1:1: net-address: bcast: 0
    (I don’t know if this is really correct because I “just tried” it at the time… but it seems that the net works!)

    eth2: address: broadcast: mask:

    In our own configuration of this adsl modem, there is an option “NAT -> Default Server”. I set it to plus pings and voila got a response.

    Now, when I connect to an IRC server, there is a little identity check.Sorry, because I installed tcpdump to check:

    #17:54:tcpdump – me and my family eth1:1 | grep authorization
    02.355150 > SWE 3459068414:3459068414(0) win (DF)
    17: 54: 02.355477> s 3474314603: 3474314603 (0) 3459068415 ACK bring home 5792 (.. much more appropriate..)

    However, there is no correct answer, so I register “anonymously”. My syslog shows:

    Code: Oct 10 17:54:02 [oidentd] Connecting from (
    Oct 10 17:54:02 [oidentd] [] 10136 , (blank) 6667 ERROR: NO-USER

    oidentd.conf contains:

    Code: Default
    allow parody
    allow spoof_all
    allow spoof_privport
    allow randomly
    digital authorization
    Allow random_numbers

    oidentd_masq.conf contains:

    Code: m00w UNIX W00f UNIX

    Still nothing works, I don’t knowand I hope some of you can help me out here.
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    What is the oidentd configuration file?

    The oidentd configuration file is used to help you set the level of control Internet users have over the responses returned by oidentd when it successfully finds the connections they are using. The $HOME/.oidentd.conf file allows the user to specify what will be returned as an ident response for single connections.


    What is oidentd in Linux?

    oidentd is a server equipped with the standard TCP/IP IDENT user authentication protocol as specified in RFC 1413. oidentd works by taking certain TCP connections and reassembling the username of the method that owns the connection. Listen to Internet access at a given address.

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    oidentd error no-user


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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Run a scan to find and fix errors
  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

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    How to enable oidentd on Red Hat CentOS 7?

    To put this together, you need to enable this feature. In the /etc/init.d/oidentd script, swap the line: You then normally start oidentd on the Linux command line with the -a option, which makes sense ::. After installing the appropriate packages on your Red Hat 7.x/CentOS 7.x or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server system, continue with the application steps:


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    I have a strange issue with the Oident daemon on my VPS.When I try to run it I keep getting this approach error:

    oidentd error no-user

    [[email protected]~]#identd
    [Line 4] This construct is mostly valid for custom configuration files
    Error reading configuration file

    I also indicated that the agreement with oidentd.conf is read from /etc/oidentd. By entering conf

    oidentd -c /etc/oidentd.conf

    # Setting for oidentd# oidentd see conf(5)#Initially        Initially                allow parody                allow spoof_all                make spoof_privport                pass at random                pass it to random_numeric                digital authorization                Hide

    There is anything I don’t, or indeed there is a problem with oidentd.We would appreciate any help or advice.

    narrated November 25, 2012 at 7:04 pm.

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