Solving The Problem With Loading The OS When Installing Windows XP

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    If you encounter an error while installing a Windows XP error code on your computer while booting the operating system, you should check out these fix suggestions. Symptom 1: “Error loading operating system” error message on startup. This error occurs when your computer’s BIOS doesn’t support the capacity of the hard drive you’re installing Windows XP on or isn’t installed correctly. Problems with the hard disk partition can also be a serious cause.

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  • I was recently trying to install Windows XP on a computer that was previously running Windows ME. I ran the Snow install process and deleted both partitionsto open the hard drive because I wanted to do a clean install. Started
    i and format the new partition with the FAT file system, and how the format was about 70/80% complete before restarting the PC.
    After restarting the computer, I decided not to boot completely from the installation disk, after the free time to boot from the CD / DVD expired, I received the “Message d ‘Error loading operating system’ and when I tried If you instead of someone Windows Installer was loading installers, but then restarted the computer.

    (PC – Compaq Presario 5000)
    (Also, don’t be too mean in some of the answers, I’m new to installing older versions of Windows so I don’t know what to do.)

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  • I decided not to boot from the install disk at 11:07 am, after the CD or DVD boot timed out, I got the message “An error occurred while trying to load the operating system”, and when I tried instead, I booted the hard drive , and some Windows installer loads installation videos but then restarts the computer.

    Does the installation disc allow you to remove duplicate content from existing partitions, or does the product directly download certain FYI files? Generally, the drive should be formatted to NTFS, not FAT.


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  • Why did my operating system fail?

    A process error can be caused by a hardware malfunction or computer system failure and completely prevents the operating system from loading. It may constantly reboot and freeze with an error message on the screen, or stop working altogether without any notification.

    Was the formatting 70/80% complete before the reboot, or did the file copy finish?

    What causes Error Loading operating system Windows 10?

    There are only five main reasons for “Error loading the operating system” in Windows 10/8/7: 1. The BIOS of the computer does not support the hard drive in any way. The system partition of the hard disk is damaged due to a sudden power failure, a virus infection on the PC, or a hard disk write error.

    If the game isIf it was the first one, then the trigger you see is this error, which is that the hard drive never finished formatting and never copied Windows files to the trash. Thus, there was no exploit kit to download. The scary thing is that the computer restarted before this tool finished formatting the hard drive. I would try running the Windows XP installer and see if it finishes formatting the hard drive at this point. If not, it might be a hardware issue.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Run a scan to find and fix errors
  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • And as JohnC pointed out, format the drive to NTFS, not FAT. Is it more efficient and/or more secure than FAT.


    What to do if OS is not loading?

    Start your computer and load the Windows installation CD. When this installation menu appears, check the box for the Windows Recovery option and select this option. Follow the instructions to start the recovery process. Again, the Windows operating system files still need to be installed and your files should remain intact.

    This is why I am getting the current error message “Error loading operating system” when the computer tries to run this fresh installation of WinXP Pro.

    1. Along the way, reducing the size of our single partition to 33 GB using Gparted
    2. Copied to the end of the 200 GB disk partition.
    3. Increased first so thatfill all space
    4. The edge partition is NTFS formatted
    5. Set boot partition, mark delay flag as hidden, deleted

    error loading operating system installing windows xp

    This boot appears to have been made from Hiren’s BootCD. Hence the leak.

    What is operating system error?

    System obstructions are caused by faulty hardware accessories, corrupted operating system modules, etc. Runtime error. This is caused by unsafe or corrupted system files or package executables. Most run-time errors usually affect the application that caused the crash.

    I installed XP Pro SP1a from the And CD and chose it to quickly format the partition. Once the OS was installed, I wouldn’t boot XP without using the Hiren BootCD’s “Fail to Pay” menu action. I am only greeted with the message “Error loading operating system”.

    I’ve tried using XP recovery and using fixboot, fixmbr and bootcfg /rebuild (don’t do that if the command was that, those are all 3 useful commands anyway). It didn’t work.

    error loading operating system installing windows xp

    requested September 3, 2012 at 8:38 pm.

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